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Reading: Announcement: The European Rechtspfleger for the European Union


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Announcement: The European Rechtspfleger for the European Union


Thomas Kappl


In an effort to advance cooperation among the various European judicial systems to (i) improve and unify the jurisdictional and administrative frameworks of those systems, and (ii) achieve greater efficiencies and effectiveness in the administration of justice, the European Union of Rechtspfleger (“EUR”) has prepared and submitted a Green Paper for the European Rechtspfleger to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Justice, Freedom and Security. This is a joint effort undertaken with the Department of Civil Justice. In doing so, the EUR seeks to support the European Union’s (“EU”) efforts to create a greater and more consistent organizational framework among the member states for the administration of justice. Doing so will promote the pursuit of justice in individual freedom, safety, and rights pursuant to the EU’s by-laws. These goals accord with the judicial-political mandate regarding the creation, development, and harmonisation of the law on the European and the international levels.

How to Cite: Kappl, T., 2009. Announcement: The European Rechtspfleger for the European Union. International Journal for Court Administration, 2(1), pp.61–63. DOI:
Published on 15 Aug 2009.


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