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Reading: Judicial System Restructuring and Modernization in Abu Dhabi


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Judicial System Restructuring and Modernization in Abu Dhabi


Lawrence Groo


The purpose of this article is to provide a practical overview of the recently initiated modernization of Abu Dhabi’s judicial system. Beginning in 2007, Abu Dhabi’s Government launched a comprehensive effort to transform the Emirate’s judicial system. While the implementation of these reforms is ongoing, with the adoption of the law in May 2007 establishing the new judicial architecture the initial phase of the modernization program is already complete. The restructuring process encompasses court management and administration reform, a new judicial training regime, a redesigned organizational structure for the Emirate’s Judicial Department and courts, and the establishment of a system-wide strategic planning and budgeting process. Many of these initiatives are supported by applying advanced IT-based applications. Given the early achievements and ambitious broader aims of the restructuring process, Abu Dhabi’s example is relevant not only to the other Emirates within the Federal UAE system, but also within the context of the wider Middle East region.
How to Cite: Groo, L., 2008. Judicial System Restructuring and Modernization in Abu Dhabi. International Journal for Court Administration, 1(1), pp.16–22. DOI:
Published on 15 Jan 2008.
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