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Reading: Coaching in the Judiciary Power: an inner look


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Coaching in the Judiciary Power: an inner look


Ana Cristina Monteiro de Andrade Silva

Federal Justice of Brazil, BR
About Ana Cristina
Federal Judge of the 1st Federal Court in Joaçaba, Brazil, majored in Law from UFRGS, Master in Public Law from PUC/RS, professor at Santa Catarina’s Judiciary Federal School and professor at the Postgraduation course in Social Security Law at UNOESC. Coordinator of the sub-module of Personnel Management of the initial training course for the judges of the Regional Federal Court of the 4th Region, Brazilwho will take office in 2015; concluded the Training Course in Coaching, taught by PhD in Philosophy Dulce Magalhães, from July to October 2014, with international certification by the Global Accreditation for Coaching, with a workload of 60 face-to-face hours; completed the courses Unleash the Power Within (Awakening your inner power), and Date with Destiny, taught by Anthony Robbins, in United States, in October 2014 and December 2015.
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We have, as Judiciary Power, tried to win our challenges investing in courses of the juridical field. We should go beyond and look for training in self-development for our judges and servants. Coaching is a tool that is much used by companies to train its leaders, and the Judiciary Power can, as well, extract benefits from this process. The Regional Federal Court of the 4th Region has a pioneering experience towards this direction. We realized that the judges are special learners and learn easily if the teaching comes from a peer, also magistrate, that faces the same routine problems. Coaching in the Judiciary Power can contribute so that we have motivated people, with full awareness of our noble duty of performing justice.
How to Cite: Silva, A.C.M. de A., 2017. Coaching in the Judiciary Power: an inner look. International Journal for Court Administration, 9(1), pp.10–15. DOI:
Published on 27 Dec 2017.


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