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Reading: The Impact of Technology on Courts


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The Impact of Technology on Courts


Anne Wallace

La Trobe University, AU
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The impact of technology on the courts is a topic that has been receiving attention in judicial administration circles – both professional and academic – for nearly three decades now. The National Centre for State Courts has run a specialised conference on court technology since the mid-1990s, together with a range of ancillary events on particular aspects of technology in relation to court processes (e.g. eCourts, eFiling). Similar conferences, workshops and symposia have been held in other parts of the world, including Australia and Singapore. From an academic standpoint, researchers have been examining various aspects of the impact of technology on courts for a similar period of time and there is now a substantial repository of published literature in the field.
How to Cite: Wallace, A., 2017. The Impact of Technology on Courts. International Journal for Court Administration, 8(2), p.1. DOI:
Published on 21 May 2017.


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