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Reading: Court Administration in Europe – management in a different context


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Court Administration in Europe – management in a different context


Philip Langbroek

Professor of Justice and Court Administration, Utrecht School of Law, the Netherlands, NL
About Philip
Prof. Dr. Philip M. Langbroek is director of the Montaigne Centre for Judicial Administration and Conflict Resolution at Utrecht School of Law, the Netherlands. He holds a chair on Justice Administration and Judicial organisation at Utrecht University. Trained in public administration and law, he has taught Dutch administrative law and public administration for many years and published widely on administrative law and Ombudsmen. Inspired by the change processes in the Dutch judiciary, Langbroek has focused his research on judicial administration, and organised and directed several international comparative research projects in this field. Langbroek chaired the EGPA studygroup on Management and delivery of justice (2000-2006), and the EGPA Studygroup on Law and Public Administration (2006-2011). Currently he co-chairs the EGPA studygroup on Justice and Court Administration (2011- ongoing). He holds several editorships, the most important are: member of the editorial board of Utrecht Law Review. Relevant publications are: • Researching Justification Texts of a First Instance Court from Assignment to Results and Reporting. Oñati Socio-Legal Series, 4 (5), (pp. 1071-1098) (28 p.) (with Tina van der Linden). (2014)*** • Designing Administrative Pre-Trial Proceedings, Eleven publishers, The Hague, December 2012. ( witht Anoeska Buijze and Milan Remac)*** • Organization Development of the Dutch Judiciary, between Accountability and Judicial Independence, International Journal for Court Administration, April 2010***. • Quality Management in Courts and in the Judicial Organisations in 8 Council Of Europe Member States, A qualitative inventory to hypothesise factors for success or failure, Strasbourg, Council of Europe Publishing CEPEJ(2011) 3, p. 1-148 • The Right Judge for each Case, a comparative study of case assignment and impartiality in 6 European countries, Metro, Intersentia, Antwerp 2007.(with Marco Fabri, editors and research-directors)
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How to Cite: Langbroek, P., 2017. Court Administration in Europe – management in a different context. International Journal for Court Administration, 8(3), pp.1–2. DOI:
Published on 04 Jul 2017.


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